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Hair Braiding

Hair Braiding

Hair braiding is the practice of weaving three groups of hair into a single strand. For thousands of years braiding hair has been part of human culture.

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a buzzword and technique in web-development that uses JavaScript to get data from an external server.
How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs

How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs

Here is a simple recipe for hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs are delicious and a great low carb, hight protein meal. Eat them with toast for breakfast!

Link Juice

Like juicing an orange, the web squeezes juice out of referral links. Some oranges are ripe and delicious, while others are moldy and gross, just like webpages.

Establishing Shot

An establishing shot is an important, well established cinematographic and storytelling technique that communicates to the viewer that the location has changed.
Travis Style Fingerpicking

Travis Style Fingerpicking

Travis style fingerpicking, named after guitarist Merle Travis, is a guitar technique for right hand picking commonly played on a steel string acoustic guitar.

Backpacking Equipment Checklist

Essential backpacking equipment list. Map, compass, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, fleece jacket, windbreaker, rain pants, socks, mid weight shirt, etc...


Pi is a character in the roman alphabet ( π ). In mathematics it is used to represent the ratio of a circle's circumference to it's diameter ( C / d ).

Programming Hot Fix

A hot fix is a quick and dirty code bandaid. This is typically done in situations where software has broken, maybe from a recent code or dependency change.

ISO Photography

ISO is a photography setting that adjusts a camera's sensitivity to light. A higher ISO means it is more sensitive to light, lower means it is less sensitive.
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