CakePHP is a robust open-source framework for web developers. It uses MVC structure (model, view, controller) to separate front and back end programming. In short the model interacts with a database, the view layer contains the user interface, and the controller sits in between, passing data from the model to the view and collecting user generated input from the view and passes it back to the model to be stored in the database.

CakePHP boasts highly sophisticated "automagic" which automatically handles basic input/output functionality. This of course can be easily bypassed if you need to do something custom. It comes with features like data validation and application security.

The framework functions best if you follow CakePHP naming conventions when creating your database. But again this is not a requirement and the framework has plenty of flexibility.

Lastly developers can use Cake's "Cake Bake" command line interface to cook up the basics of an entire application in just mi