Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are an essential tool for most guitarists. While many guitarists, often classically trained, opt to use their fingers and fingernails on the strings directly, many guitarists choose to play with a pick. The pick is held between the thumb and fist finger and used to pluck or strum the stings. Guitar picks come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, hardnesses, thicknesses, materials, and quality. The tone created by a guitar pick is much different from the tone generated by a finger or fingernail.

The angle of attack on the pick to the string effects the tone. Most people find the best tone and ease of movement happens at a 45 degree angle.

An advanced technique is to use a pick between the thumb and fist finger and also use the remaining fingers to simultaneously or alternatively pluck the strings directly.

I prefer very hard and thin guitar picks of high quality. Low quality picks should be thrown in the trash.
Guitar Picks