Welcome to infosnacks!

Infosnacks is an informational data resource dedicated to the collection and preservation of small bite sized bits of knowledge. This site is based on user generated content, also known as consumer created content, and we invite everyone in the world to post information, ideas, or definitions on just about anything that's not inappropriate or plagiarized. So please keep your snacks decent and original.

We encourage snackers to embed URLs to other websites in their publications. It's easy! Just put in a URL like this: . And why not upload an image? A picture is worth a thousand snacks.

Snacks are limited in length to keep them bite sized, so if you have a lot to say you should consider writing a series of snacks. You can use a common theme in the title to accomplish this.

The phrase 'infosnacks' was coined by Michael Logue in 2011 and since then I have been busy creating, programming and designing this site.