Infosnacks by Derek Lemos


Brouhaha (Noun). An uproar, a hubbub, excited public event, turmoil, or social agitation. Usually over a minor incident.

Length Of US Boundaries

The total length of the Canadian boundary of the United States is 5,525 miles. The total length of the Mexican boundary of the United States is 1,933 miles.

Weight Of The Earth

Earth weighs approximately 6,600 billion billion tons which is 6.6 sextillion tons.

Surname Database

To learn the origins of your surname type in your last name and you'll get a brief history of where most folks with the same last name originated from.


Input the ingredients you have in your kitchen, plus the kinds of food you like, and up will pop a collection of recipes from professional chefs.


Drunk (Adjective). Suffering from vision, hearing and speech impairment, with an insatiable appetite for pizza, infatuated with anyone and everyone.

Captain Kangaroo

Captain Kangaroo, a children's television show, starring Bob Keeshan, began its 29-year run in 1955. The Mickey Mouse Club premiered the same day.

Bowling Ball Beach

South of Point Arena, California, is a stretch of beach featuring prehistoric boulders that have been finely ground down over the millennia into spheres.