Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. This document defines infosnacks' Privacy Policy for all user and visitor activities. This Privacy Policy applies to all pages, content, browser cookies, and submission forms hosted on the website, which includes all pages hosted at the domain. infosnacks reserves the right to update, change, modify or replace this Policy at any time without notice.

Submitted emails will never be displayed on the site, sold or given to any third parties. Emails are for internal use only and will be used to send you feedback on content submissions. We may use your email to send infosnacks updates or newsletters but you will always be able to unsubscribe from such marketing emails.


infosnacks asks children under the age of 13 to not submit any information or personal information, the infosnacks website is not appropriate for children under the age of 13. In the case that a child under 13 has submitted information or personal information please notify us immediately and that information will be removed as soon as possible. Furthermore, infosnacks states that minors 13 years or older must get permission from their parents or legal guardians before submitting any information to infosnacks.


infosnacks collects the following content and information to be displayed on the site: content title, content body, subject, category, subcategory, tags, images, audio, video, and other media. By submitting content you give infosnacks the right to publish (or not publish) this information indefinitely so long as that content does not conflict with our Terms of Use. If personal information is submitted in any of the previous forms, that information will be published. infosnacks advises against, and will likely not publish, personal information such as email, phone numbers, and addresses.

infosnacks collects the following personal information. Name, website URL, and email. Names and website URLs will be published and displayed on the site along with submitted content. These personal items are optional and can be omitted from submissions. Omitting these items will not affect your submission if accepted or not, but it will affect your ability to claim ownership of your submitted content in the future (See Section 5 of Terms of Use). Emails will never be displayed on the website, sold or given to any third parties. Submitting an email allows you to receive feedback on your content submissions, verify and make valid ownership claim of your submitted content, and receive infosnacks marketing emails. You may unsubscribe from marketing emails at any time in the footer of such marketing emails. After unsubscribing you may continue to submit an email with new content and you will continue to stay unsubscribed from all marketing emails. It is highly recommended that users submit an email with content submissions to claim ownership of the written content (See Section 5 of Terms of Use).


When visiting infosnacks cookies (data stored on your computer, phone, or other web browsing device) are stored on your computer or other browsing device, and are used to gather information. By visiting infosnacks you agree to store cookies and send information about your browsing activity to infosnacks and third-party analytic services. You can remove or block cookies in your browser's setting but it may inhibit your browsing experience and access to infosnacks.