Infosnacks by Devin McDuffee


Sesquicentennial is a word used to describe the passage of 150 years. It is often used in reference to an anniversary of an institution or a historical event.


An actor's job is not to believe what he is doing, but instead to make what he is doing believable.
Nylon String Guitars

Nylon String Guitars

Nylon String Guitars, or Classical guitars, are different from their steel string brethren in that they allow for more audible dynamics and finger picking.


A tweeter is a component of a loud speaker. It is comprised of a diaphragm attached to a voice coil which is suspended in a magnetic field.


An affectionate term for groundhogs. The term was established at Vassar College due to its natural abundance of Hedge Pigs.

Classical Guitar

The Classical Guitar, also known as the Spanish Guitar, refers to both the classical playing style and the physical construction of the guitar type.


While Apple Jacks may be a common breakfast cereal, Applejack is also a name to refer to the mixed drink containing Jack Daniels and Apple Cider.