How To Connect Technics SL-1210M3D To Sound System

To connect your Technics turntable to a sound system you need one of two things. The simple approach is a phono preamp that serves as the amplification unit between the turntable's phono volume level output and converts it to a line level output which is loud enough for use with your home stereo. The unit will typically have a phono input (RCA left & right inputs as well as a ground wire hookup for the turntable's ground wire) and RCA left and right outputs. Other units often have quarter inch and XLR outputs.

The more advanced approach is to use a DJ mixer. A DJ mixer has 2 or more phono preamps built into the unit and typically has a variety of outputs including quarter inch, XLR, and RCA. While the DJ mixer is a bit overkill for home use it does give you the ability to hook up multiple turntables and other sound sources and the ability to crossfade between them. DJ mixers often have nice features like EQ, effects, and a separate mix channel for the DJ's headphones.