HTML is the most basic programming language of the web. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is used to format and build websites. The "hypertext" portion of the name refers to the interconnectivity of web pages. HTML links, also know as hyperlinks, are used to link one web page to another, creating a site's internal navigation system, or can be used to link one web site to another website.

The "markup language" part of the name refers to syntax of the language. In HTML, blocks of content are defined by wrapping the content in an opening and closing HTML tag. Tags are written by surrounding the tag name with greater than and less than symbols. A closing tag is denoted by using a forward slash after the first bracket, before the tag name. For example <html> would be the opening tag, and </html> would be the closing tag. Another common example could be: <div>Hello World!</div>. Some HTML tags are self closing. One example of this would be the image tag: <img src="image.jpg">