Poker is a great game of skill and some luck. Usually the better player wins, but sometimes people get in bad and suck out, and those people are called "donkeys." A lot of people are donkeys, and that is OK. But over the long term of a poker career, the better players will be the winners. There are many forms of poker: No Limit Texas Hold 'em – Limit Texas Hold 'em – Omaha – Omaha h/l – 7 card stud – 7 card stud h/l – Razz – Low Ball – KC Low Ball – 5 card draw and a lot more variants. There are 2 ways to play poker usually: Cash Game and Tournament Style. In tournaments, you buy in for a set amount, say $50, you then get $3000 in tournament chips to use and play down to a winner for a percentage of the total purse. Very fun. In Cash Game, you buy in for real money and use it as you will to try to get other people's cash. Over all, it is a very fun game and should be legal and regulated in the USA online.