Programming As An Art Form

Although we often don't think about it, programming can be considered an art form. Just as there is good and bad art, there are good and bad programs (and programmers). In programming the artistic qualities are a little less obvious but the activity is an extremely creative one.

A good program solves a problem, provides a service, and/or an entertainment. The artistic talent in programming is the solution to the problem or the creativity of building a tool or an entertainment.

A quality program will run fast and efficiently, notifying the user when they are required to wait for a process to complete, and will be easy to use. The program should have minimal bugs & issues. The user interface is the most obvious measure of a program's artistic quality and can be measured by its aesthetics and ease of use. But the organization, formatting, and syntax of a well written program is also an artistic piece of work and can be quite pleasing to read (for the right audience).