Infosnacks by Justine Lemos

Glorx Pomitentry

Glorx Pomitentry is an alien book series by Ravel Chandran Gauthier. Glorx Pomitentry has a brother named Zoonby Zanquanka.

Banana Jam

Banana Jam is a snack. It is made with 2 grams of sugar, half a banana and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. It can be enjoyed on bread.

Forney Engine

A Forney is a steam locomotive that has the wheel arrangement 0-4-4. A Forney is always a tank engine. This means it does not have a tender.

Gypsy Locomotive

A gypsy locomotive is a tank steam engine with a large gear at the front, which was equipped with a rope and used to haul logs and other tasks.

Heisler Locomotive

A Heisler locomotive is a steam engine with the pistons in a V configuration on opposite sides of the engine cab.

Mallet Locomotive

A mallet is a steam locomotive with two sets of pistons.

Climax Locomotive

A climax is a steam locomotive with and angled piston.

Shay Locomotive

A shay locomotive is a stream locomotive that has up and down pistons.

Vata Dosha

Vata Dosha is an Ayurvedic term used to indicate systems in the human body relating to motion, communication and transportation.


Amalaki is an Ayurvedic herb used in many applications. It is a gooseberry with its origins in India. It is reputed to be anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic.
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