Infosnacks by Justine Lemos


Goblins are small mythological beings with mischievous or even evil intentions. They have roughly humanoid features but are usually depicted as small creatures.


The brother of Pegasus born out of the neck of Medusa, Chrysaor is sometimes depicted as a young man but is also depicted as a winged boar.


Krishna, literally dark, black or blue, is a Hindu God-figure. Usually considered as the incarnation of Vishnu, Krishna is thought to be a historical person.


Pegasus is a winged-horse-like mythological beast. Its origins can be traced to Greek mythology. Originally the term referred to a specific single winged-horse.


The banana is a fruit of herbaceous flowering plants of the musa genus. They come in yellow, green and red. The banana was first domesticated in Southeast Asia.


The pear is a fruit from the a family of trees in the genus Pyrus. Edible pears come in white, green and red varieties though there are many inedible varieties.


Plums are a fruit born of the tree subgenus, Prunus. Plums are a stone fruit in that they have a single stone-like pit or seed in the center of the fruit.


The apricot is a fruit born of the Prunus armeniaca. Botanically it is closely related to the plum. Apricots are sweet and juicy and light orange in color.


A mermaid is a mythological half-woman/half-fish being. Inevitably the upper half of the body is a woman and the lower the tail of a fish.


Apples are a fruit from the apple tree (Malus domestica). Interestingly the apply tree is in the rose family. The apple tree originated in Western Asia.
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