Infosnacks by Ryan


When the band begins to play it can be referred to as pickin' as each band member is pickin' the strings on their instruments.

Noodling (Fishing)

Noodling Fishing is an act of fishing barehanded. Primarily done in the South and usually for catfish. The fisherman will try to grab the fish by the gills.

Noodling (Music)

Noodling Music can be heard primarily in the jam band scene. Noodling occurs when a band drifts from the song into an improvised free-form jam.


Wooks are usually dreaded kids who are a part of the jamband scene (particularly Phish). These dirty kids are not there for the music, but to leach off fans.


A deadhead is a person whose musical passion derives from the music of the Grateful Dead that will travel thousands of miles to attend one of their concerts.