Anti Snack

The act of not snacking; if snacks are not made then it's proven that the synapses of your brain are not moving correctly.


A catnap is a short time of rest that is usually repeated multiple times in a day. After a catnap the napper usually feels groggy & tired, leading to more naps.

Common Excuses

An excuse is an explanation that people use to describe something that didn't happen or happened incorrectly in order to make themselves feel justified.


Infosnacking is the process of consuming information that is almost always not work related. Infosnacking was awarded word of the year by Webster in 2005.


Multi-slacking is the fine art of looking busy while doing absolutely nothing. The required skills are simultaneously using a computer, phone, and tablet.


Multitasking is the human ability to attend to more than one function at a time, for example reading a book and listening to music while attending an event.
Nap Time

Nap Time

Nap time is a short period of daytime sleep. A nap to aid digestion and to refresh the mind and spirit is practiced in many cultures throughout the world.

Passive Aggressive

Passive aggression is a human behavior where disapproval, disappointment, or anger is communicated indirectly and the aggressor admits no responsibility.


Procrastination is the practice of avoiding one's responsibilities. This is often done by replacing life's important tasks with unimportant activities.


Sleep is a naturally occurring cycle where sensory input is diminished and the body quiets down. Consciousness is reduced, but dreaming occurs.
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