A bookworm is a slang term for someone who loves to read. Bookworms are sometimes also fast readers, and often have glasses or a scholarly look about them.


Cattywampus is a slang adjective which means unorganized, disorderly, uneven, out of whack, slightly off, ajar, askew, not going according to plan, or chaotic.
Grommets Chotchkies Knick-Knacks Trinkets

Grommets Chotchkies Knick-Knacks Trinkets

Grommets, chotchkies, knick-knacks, and trinkets are all slang words for small decorative objects, usually with sentimental value to the owner.

Noodling (Fishing)

Noodling Fishing is an act of fishing barehanded. Primarily done in the South and usually for catfish. The fisherman will try to grab the fish by the gills.

Noodling (Music)

Noodling Music can be heard primarily in the jam band scene. Noodling occurs when a band drifts from the song into an improvised free-form jam.


OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. This is a serious mental disorder but the acronym is often used as slang for a person who is interested in order.
Page Turner

Page Turner

A page turner is a slang term for a really good & engaging book. It is a book that you can't put down, can't stop reading, and has you on the edge of your seat.


When the band begins to play it can be referred to as pickin' as each band member is pickin' the strings on their instruments.


A rompstomper is a four wheel vehicle, typically a truck, complete with lift kit of six inches or higher. Optional features include gun rack and snarly dog.

Snag (Sensitive New Age Guy)

S.N.A.G. is an acronym for Sensitive New Age Guy. Snags like to talk about their feelings and may do interpretive dance. They usually have a deep, soulful gaze.
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