Procrastination is the practice of avoiding one's responsibilities. This is often done by replacing life's important tasks with unimportant activities.
Roadside Clean Up

Roadside Clean Up

In the USA various organizations, businesses, and individuals pitch in to keep our roadways and highways free of unsightly trash and litter along our roads.

Simon Tong

Simon Tong is an outstanding photographer with photos from around the world. Some of the colors and saturation in his photos are truly awe inspiring.


Sleep is a naturally occurring cycle where sensory input is diminished and the body quiets down. Consciousness is reduced, but dreaming occurs.


A sleepyhead is usually a person who likes to sleep in or take naps. It takes longer for a sleepyhead to wake up than it takes a normal person.


Stress is a condition felt by many living in modern and industrial societies. Stress can manifest in high blood pressure and a variety of other ailments.


A tweeter is a Twitter user who tweets his or her ideas, feelings, emotions, daily activity, internet discoveries, minute by minute interactions, etc.

Urge To Snack

A nearly uncontrollable urge to post tasty tidbits of information to Infosnacks: the bite sized encyclopedia. Check it out and give it a shot! It's fun!
William Buckland

William Buckland

William Buckland was an English palaeontologist who wrote the first paper describing a dinosaur in 1824 on the genus Megalosaurus. He also won the Copley Medal.


Yawning is a contagious, reflexive motion of opening one's mouth, inhaling air through the throat, and simultaneously stretching one's eardrums.
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