All Souls' Day

Odilo appointed the day following November 1st 998 to be set aside for the benefit of those who were trapped in Purgatory. It is called All Souls' Day.


Angels are spiritual beings made of light. In Judeo-Christian traditions they are generally messengers from the Divine Godhead.
Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

Christmas presents exchanged by friends and family members that celebrate the Christmas holiday. Children that have been good receive special gifts from Santa.

Da Free John

Born Franklin Albert Jones in Queens New York, Da Free John was a 70's counterculture & the founder of Adidam, a religion where he was recognized as an Avatar.

Green Tara

Green Tara is the Buddhist Goddess known as the female Buddha of all Enlightened Activity.


Krishna, literally dark, black or blue, is a Hindu God-figure. Usually considered as the incarnation of Vishnu, Krishna is thought to be a historical person.


Parvati is the second wife of the God Shiva. A Goddess and Yogini. Known as the Mountain Maiden. A Goddess of love she represents the dynamic feminine.


Shiva is a Hindu God. He has two arms and a blue spot at his throat. In the Hindu pantheon he is know as the destroyer or the transformer and Lord of Dance.

The Theory Of Sudden Awakening

The Theory Of Sudden Awakening is where regardless of what you do or don't do, in one instant you become one with all things.