Em Dash Vs En Dash

An em dash (—) is slightly longer than an en dash (–) and both are longer than the hyphen or minus symbo (-). Typically the em dash is used like a comma.
Grommets Chotchkies Knick-Knacks Trinkets

Grommets Chotchkies Knick-Knacks Trinkets

Grommets, chotchkies, knick-knacks, and trinkets are all slang words for small decorative objects, usually with sentimental value to the owner.


Gubernatorial is the adjective used when referring to a governor. If Arnold Schwartzenneger was on the beach, you could say gubernatorial swim trunks.
International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a system of symbols devised to represent the sounds of human language with a 1:1 sound:symbol correspondence.
It's vs. Its

It's vs. Its

It's and Its are often misused and confused in written English. It's means it is while its is the possessive pronoun meaning something belongs to something.


A landlubber is someone who has no knowledge of boats or the sea. Lubber (noun) referring to a clumsy, lazy, or all around inexperienced person with boats.


Malayalam is the language of Kerala in South India. It is the only language whose name (written in English) is also a palandrome.

Non Sequitur

Non sequitur occurs in speech when someone says something completely random. It is a statement that is in no way associated to the previous subject.

Noodling (Fishing)

Noodling Fishing is an act of fishing barehanded. Primarily done in the South and usually for catfish. The fisherman will try to grab the fish by the gills.

Noodling (Music)

Noodling Music can be heard primarily in the jam band scene. Noodling occurs when a band drifts from the song into an improvised free-form jam.
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