Multicomputer Tasking

Multicomputer Tasking

Multicomputer tasking is becoming more and more important in the workplace as some computers will be set up for specific tasks, or have certain software.
Open Source

Open Source

Both a methodology of code production and a philosophy of sharing for the common good, Open Source is the practice of making source code available to all.


Photoshop has revolutionized the graphic design industry. It has become the de facto standard for image manipulation in professional design and photography.


PHP is an open source server-side web programming language used by millions of websites. PHP is in conjunction with a database to produce dynamic websites.

PHP Graphs With GD Library

A relatively simple PHP script can be written to gather data statistics from the database, define the graph size and intervals, and plot line or bar graphs.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation (DAW) manufactured by Avid. The recording software comes equip with Bomb Factory's award winning compressor & plugins.

Programming As An Art Form

Although we often don't think about it, programming is an art form. Just as there is good and bad art, there are good and bad programs and programmers.

Programming Hot Fix

A hot fix is a quick and dirty code bandaid. This is typically done in situations where software has broken, maybe from a recent code or dependency change.
Pyramid Of Doom

Pyramid Of Doom

The Pyramid Of Doom is an excessive use of nested code statements in software programming. It makes code difficult to read and even more difficult to maintain.

Stalking Algorithms

All of us are being followed by bits of code designed to learn about us, our likes and dislikes, our locations, and who our friends are.
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