Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

Christmas presents exchanged by friends and family members that celebrate the Christmas holiday. Children that have been good receive special gifts from Santa.


The brother of Pegasus born out of the neck of Medusa, Chrysaor is sometimes depicted as a young man but is also depicted as a winged boar.
Class Reunion

Class Reunion

A class reunion is a gathering years after certain monumental events such as graduation from high school or college, to recreate memories and situations.

Da Free John

Born Franklin Albert Jones in Queens New York, Da Free John was a 70's counterculture & the founder of Adidam, a religion where he was recognized as an Avatar.


Disco is a type of dance and music with its origins in American culture of the late 1970s and early 1980s. One can see examples in Saturday Night Fever & Fame,


Fairies, fey, fay, fae etc. are a type of mythical or spiritual being. The word fairy derives from old English, via old French and the late Latin word fata.


Gnomes are mythological creatures similar to fairies, goblins and elves. They are typically described as small humanoid creatures that live underground.


Goblins are small mythological beings with mischievous or even evil intentions. They have roughly humanoid features but are usually depicted as small creatures.

Green Tara

Green Tara is the Buddhist Goddess known as the female Buddha of all Enlightened Activity.


The guillotine is an archaic execution device by which the victim is decapitated. The device is built from a tall wooden frame and a hoisted angled blade.
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