Link Juice

Like juicing an orange, the web squeezes juice out of referral links. Some oranges are ripe and delicious, while others are moldy and gross, just like webpages.
LOL Cats

LOL Cats

Ok, so (almost) everyone loves adorable photos of kittens and cats on the internet. LOL Cats takes it to the next level with hilarious captions.


Paperbackswapis a free online site for sharing and buying books. Members accumulate credits by offering their own books so that swaps can be made.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is one of my favorite sites for finding answers to difficult and baffling programming questions. Have a programming question?


StumbleUpon is a unique website where users define their interests and then stumble the web.
Sundays Web Series

Sundays Web Series

Sundays is a 10 episode web series filmed in Mendocino County about a Small Northern California Town & the characters that call it home. Created by Cindy Lemas.

Surname Database

To learn the origins of your surname type in your last name and you'll get a brief history of where most folks with the same last name originated from.


Uploadcare is a cloud service that allows customers to develop apps without struggling with file uploads. We allow uploading files from many sources and a CDN.

User Generated Content

The emergence of Web 2.0 came about largely due to sites which enable and encourage User Generated Content (UGC) like forums, wikis, and social media websites.

Web Spam

Web spam is the act of posting unwanted information or gibberish on someone else's website. Often appearing on forums, blogs, social media sites, and email.
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